"Free the child's potential,
and you will transform him
into the world."

- Dr. Maria Montessori

1641 N Winchester Road
Annapolis, MD 21409

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8:00 am - 4:30 pm

2015 Readers Choice Winner
Best Montessori School
3rd Year in a Row!

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Why Choose MICH?

Choosing your child's school is one of the most important decisions you will make for your child. We know how difficult this is when faced with so many possibilities. There are many factors that you will consider as you make this choice and hope that you will consider the following:

You want the very best education for your child.
For over 25 years Montessori International Children's House (affectionately known as MICH) has prided itself on Excellence in Education. We are an "AMI Recognized School", the highest status awarded by the Association Montessori Internationale USA. Each of our classrooms is taught by an AMI trained teacher appropriate to that age level.

Explore our Excellence in Education:

Experienced Teaching Staff
Our teachers have an average of 19 years of experience. Just as we seek to develop well-rounded students, we want staff with interests beyond the classroom that add to the richness of experience they bring back to the classrooms.

Learning Environment Appeals to all the Senses
The MICH classroom is infused with learning materials that are age appropriate and that appeal to all the senses. We know that each child has his/her own unique way of learning. By engaging all the senses, the student is able to best utilize their dominant sense to absorb learning. Each classroom is designed with the student in mind.

Global View
MICH believes that it is our responsibility to teach the whole child. It is just as important to obtain knowledge as it is an understanding of working with others, helping others, and being aware of our role as stewards of the world in which we live. Our teaching engages the heart as well as the mind, helping our students achieve a global view and become members of the world society.

Confident Learners
MICH graduates are confident students who have learned how to learn and acquired a love of learning. An integrated approach to subject areas encourages students to explore problem solving from many viewpoints.

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