"Free the child's potential,
and you will transform him
into the world."

- Dr. Maria Montessori

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Comparing Montessori and Traditional Education



Textbooks, pencil and paper, worksheets and dittos Multi-sensory materials; manipulatives leading from the concrete to the abstract
Individual subjects Integrated subjects, interdisciplinary subjects
Block time, period lessons Uninterrupted work cycles (2 - 3 hours)
Single-grade, single-age classrooms Multi-age classrooms
Students passive, quiet, in desks Students active, talking, with periods of spontaneous quiet, freedom of movement
Adult is center of attention Child is center of attention
Product-oriented Process-oriented
Students receive A's, B's, C's, et cetera. Students pass or master subject matter after conferring with teacher to insure benchmarks have been met; portfolios and oral reports are created.
Lessons are presented to the average child. Slow learners may fall behind.  Advanced learners may become bored. Lessons are individualized for each child. Child advances at her own pace.
Competition is emphasized as a motivating factor. Collaboration and working as a team are emphasized! Helping each other while striving to do one's personal best!