"Free the child's potential,
and you will transform him
into the world."

- Dr. Maria Montessori

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Media Center

 The Media Center (MC) is a hub of learning and discovery. Our collection of over 9,000 books includes a vast array of beautiful fiction and nonfiction as well as reference materials for all ages and interests. The Media Center is staffed by a Librarian, a Library Assistant, and a Computer Instructor who are dedicated to facilitating the student's autonomy as life-long learners.

Primary students visit the MC weekly to check out books. Storytime topics are related to class study, or of seasonal interest, but are also chosen to reinforce simple concepts and language development.

Lower Elementary (LE) students visit the MC weekly to check out books and for silent free choice reading. Following Silent Reading students are invited to give extemporaneous book talks. There are usually several enthusiastic participants. The Librarian may also read to the groups at this time. Third-year students function as Library Aides, checking out themselves, their peers, and the Primary students. On a daily basis the LE students visit the MC to perform research, plan "Going-out" excursions and menus for class cultural events, all integral parts of the Montessori program.

Upper Elementary (UE) students are nearly autonomous in the MC. In addition to performing research, they check out their own materials and use the computers to search, type, and publish. A few times a year the class produces a Newspaper, complete with current events, editorials, and an advice column. UE students also participate in various Book Clubs and the MICH Poetry Club, run by the Librarian. The Poetry Club hosts weekly readings and discussions and publishes a class anthology which the students bind themselves.


In the Media Center we work to empower children to learn themselves. We believe that it is a vital extension of the Montessori classroom.